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I love letting the materials speak to me, and support me in bringing a client’s vision to fruition. From conception to realization I am engaged. I love to work with my clients, using their needs and parameters to fuel the fire of design, to create something that will be uniquely theirs.

Our Ethos

Ironwood Studios provides innovative and artistic solutions to spacial needs. We specialize in custom cabinetry, built-ins and finely crafted furniture. We are a licensed contractor and have experience in full home design and build/renovation, using a group of high quality, fairly-priced local artisans and craftsmen.

We bring care and craftsmanship to everything we do, and delight in carrying out projects that minimize the owner’s stress while maximizing value and quality. We strive to be sustainable and green in every step of our business. Our products are built from the highest quality, ecologically sound materials (locally sourced whenever possible). We are committed to selecting the fixtures and finishes that best suit your taste, budget, and lifestyle.

How We Work

In design, we are responsible to both the client and the environment to fully understand our products and to minimize our carbon footprint. We are committed to understanding the materials and the application of appropriate techniques. We believe in transparency and fairness, and structure our services around these core values, with the intention of creating mutually beneficial working relationships. The goal of Ironwood Studios is to not only build things from wood, but to create products which celebrate the materials from which they are made and the techniques with which they are created.

We love to share our enthusiasm for building and will be pleased to talk with you about your project, so give us a call today. You can reach Tom at 978-501-6954 or 828-423-0385.

Ironwood Studios client list includes:
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